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Tina Ruskey, Finance Manager at Dependable Solutions in Wisconsin.

Tina Ruskey

Finance Manager

Tina Ruskey is the owner of Dependable Solutions, Inc., an MSP firm specializing in providing Secure Technology Solutions to organizations throughout the Midwest. With an unwavering commitment to precision and a sharp focus, Tina leads the Finance and Human Resources departments at Dependable Solutions with unparalleled expertise. Recognized within the company as the nurturing force, Tina fosters an environment centered on relationships, earning her the endearing title of the “mom” of the Dependable Family. Team members gravitate towards Tina to share milestones, challenges, and triumphs alike, finding solace in her empathetic ear and genuine camaraderie.

Residing in La Crosse alongside her husband Joe, Tina exemplifies a steadfast dedication to service, particularly in combating food insecurity. Through active involvement with esteemed organizations such as Rotary, Salvation Army, and St. Jude’s, Tina generously contributes her time, skills, and resources, ceaselessly seeking opportunities to uplift those in need.

In her leisure moments, Tina finds solace in travel and the art of fine wine appreciation. Cherishing quality time with her family, Tina’s fondest adventures often entail the company of loved ones, complemented by good wine and lasting memories.